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Working with Anger and Rage

Working with a Polarization Around What to Work On – Everett Considine, IFSCP We explore the dynamics that are present when two parts have opposing ideas about what we should be doing with our time. https://s3.amazonaws.com/pw-sessions/WitnessedIFS04142015.mp3

Working with a Polarization Around What to Work On

Working with a Protector that Completely Shuts Us Down – Everett Considine, IFSCP We explore the dynamics thatarise when parts shut down our physical energy. https://s3.amazonaws.com/pw-sessions/WitnessedIFS04212015.mp3

Working with a Protector that Completely Shuts Us Down

Ancestral Burdens of Despair – Everett Considine, IFSCP This profound session connects with the ancestral pain of the holocaust. We gently explore the dynamics around legacy burdens. ZignSandals dark brown IpeS74VXTM

Ancestral Burdens of Despair

Dealing with the Impact of a Highly Critical Parent – Everett Considine, IFSCP Listen as we explore and transform the inner parts that were created by a highly critical parent. Feud LondonALMOND LOAFER Slipons grey XYYMUkZ99

Dealing with the Impact of a Highly Critical Parent
Everett is a fully-trained IFS practitioner, meditation teacher, and workshop leader. He is an excellent teacher with an engaging manner and a calm and sensitive presence. I highly recommend his classes. EMAIL LIST
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If a banner drops in the forest and your target audience isn’t around to see it, will it make a difference? Probably not.

Contributed by Dmytri Kleiner

Today the burden of debt unites millions in common struggle, providing the basis of a new mass movement and new forms of large-scale organizing.

Contributed by Josh Bolotsky and New BalanceMS247 Trainers marble head 5LAaLLS

In the final analysis, groups don’t get things done, people do. Delegate!

Often journalists want to cover an important issue, but can’t for editorial reasons. The right creative action (that you photograph or film yourself) can give them the excuse or materials they need.

Contributed by Andrew Boyd

If you look like a stereotypical protester, it’s easy for people to write you off. If you look like someone who doesn’t usually hit the streets (the guy next door or an airline pilot in full uniform), people can more easily identify with you. Therefore, don’t dress like a protester.

Contributed by Levana Saxon

When seeking to awaken collective intelligence, brainstorming can only get you so far. “Artstorming” invites participants to jump directly into the unmediated experience of creation, engaging the full spectrum of our creative intelligence. Better ideas, and often amazing creations, result.

Don’t get too caught up in trying to make your little activist group “inclusive,” “democratic,” or other qualities that we all want for society. Why? Because your group isn’t society.

Contributed by Kathryn Blume

Supportive, enabling leaders awaken the creative potential of participants.

Contributed by Jonathan Matthew Smucker

If dissident political groups tend to become more extreme over time, then good leaders should help define that ‘extreme’ in constructive ways.

Courage is in the eye of the beholder.

Contributed by TamarisSandals navy/glam 6cn3l1Y

When standard dissent is made impossible by overwhelming state repression, find ways to make ordinary acts subversive.

Contributed by Gui Bueno

Fix a problem as best you can to pressure authorities to fix it properly.

Kindness, smiles, gifts and unicorns (well, maybe not unicorns) can be potent weapons in the struggle against evil-doers.

Contributed by El NaturalistaCORAL Classic ankle boots black ifDY27HG

The first rule of guerrilla warfare is to know your terrain and use it to your advantage. This holds true whether you are fighting in an actual jungle or in the metaphoric wasteland of mass culture.

Contributed by Kennel SchmengerZONE Slingback ballet pumps ombra qRWx7vlz
and Patrick Reinsborough

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Divulging Souls

by Bleeth

supported by
Rob Hammer
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The cryptography of a broken spirit. The stinging aversion of what was once considered an everlasting entanglement. A star crossed captain struggles to keep its bearing before succumbing to the doldrums of a desolate soul.
released June 8, 2018
all rights reserved


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Dorothy PerkinsFREDIA Mules blue 6gJCk

Bleeth Miami, Florida

Bleeth was formed in Miami Fl in March of 2015 by Lauren Palma and Ryan Rivas and Juan Londono

Blood Moon
Jul 2018
KappaBASE II Walking trainers black Gy4Rcya
Jun 2018
Apr 2015

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In the study of biology – particularly genetics and ConverseHightop trainers punch coral/egret 7lZ8T
– predictability relates to the prediction of biological developments and behaviors based on inherited genes and past experiences.

Significant debate exists in the scientific community over whether or not a person's behavior is completely predictable based on their genetics. Studies such as the one in Israel, which showed that judges were more likely to give a lighter sentence if they had eaten more recently. BoxfreshHENNING Trainers black n4lTFpt4
In addition to cases like this, it has been proven that individuals smell better to someone with complementary immunity genes, leading to more physical attraction. KappaTACKLE Sports shoes black/grey 9fxyhqOW
Genetics can be examined to determine if an individual is predisposed to any diseases, and behavioral disorders can most often be explained by analyzing defects in genetic code. Scientist who focus on examples like these argue that human behavior is entirely predictable. Those on the other side of the debate argue that genetics can only provide a predisposition to act a certain way and that, ultimately, humans possess the free will to choose whether or not to act.

Animals have significantly more predictable behavior than humans. Driven by natural selection, animals develop mating calls, predator warnings, and communicative dances. One example of these engrained behaviors is the Belding's ground squirrel, which developed a specific set of calls that warn nearby squirrels about predators. If a ground squirrel sees a predator on land it will elicit a trill after it gets to safety, which signals to nearby squirrels that they should stand up on their hind legs and attempt to locate the predator. When a predator is seen in the air, a ground squirrel will immediately call out a long whistle, putting himself in danger but signaling for nearby squirrels to run for cover. Through experimentation and examination scientists have been able to chart behaviors like this and very accurately predict how animals behave in certain situations. [10]

The study of predictability often sparks debate between those who believe humans maintain complete control over their free-will and those who believe our actions are predetermined. However, it is likely that neither KavatEDSBRO Baby shoes pink OXSY9gVbqW
nor Pedro MirallesClassic heels urano blanco UqIgGp
saw the study of predictability as relating to determinism. HUBASHBURY Trainers black/white DmD5o

One example of prediction techniques is tarot cards. Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years to help in determining the future. "Fortune tellers" have been traced through history back to the Ancient Egyptians, however the earliest complete record dates only to the 18th century. ConverseCHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR Hightop trainers blau VidOr

Tasseography is a divination method, typically utilizing tea leaves or coffee grounds. Western tasseography first started in medieval Europe, where fortune tellers would interpret splatters of wax, lead, and various other molten substances. When the Dutch brought tea from China in the seventeenth century, this evolved into tea tasseography. Tasseography is typically performed in a bright colored cup to contrast with the dark tea leaves or coffee grounds. The bright colors symbolize good fortunes while the dark color symbolizes misfortunes. [13]

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